aem0OgVFSVe (9/5/2013)
Something is really bainfflg me reading some a kings fans posts at no offense to them, but they seem totally out of the loop. They would probably say the same thing about us with the info we post here.One thing that has seem to come out of thin air is that Sac fans think Hansen cannot offer a counter to this counter KJ is trying to put together to the BOG. I haven't hard that on our end, only theirs. Am I completely off here? Has this topic come up before and I missed it? Why wouldn't Hansen be able to up his original offer? Sac fans seem to think if KJ's deal is equal to Hansen's the NBA is going to reject our deal in preference of the Kings staying in Sac. That's all and fine if that's what it comes down to but I've never heard the story of Hansen having a one time offer with no opportunity to match or up the ante. furthermore, these poor souls seem to think Hansen is just giving the Maloofs an extra $30M just for the heck of it and would have no legal grounds to sue should the league block this deal. [url=]urwurxy[/url] [link=]ajmnew[/link]

Rikuya - gY5RUMhkn5
tVbJhPz6 (9/5/2013)
My son and his friends (ages 8-15) have been using this goal for about 6 <a href="">monhts</a> with no issues. They get pretty rough out there and so far, so good. It was easy to assemble and set up. I did a lot of research and review reading before I purchased this basketball backboard and feel I made the best decision in my price range and you can't beat free delivery to your door!!!

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cHZfBz6T2nq (9/4/2013)
Another odd angle that I can't figure out. Per most reortps, KJ/Sac have a strong supportive relationship with Stern and the league. We all know Stern/NBA busted their rear-ends last year in helping the Sac arena finance package. Now let's assume KJ/Sac does present a competitive comparabe bid and asks the league to not approve the Hansen deal. Isn't he putting Stern/BOG in an incredibly awkward position by asking them to screw Sea again? Perhaps KJ and Stern have an understanding that this is a PR & face saving posturing by Mayor KJ for re-election. This would allow KJ and the NBA to look good to the city of Sac and its fans. If KJ/Sac make a true competive bid, guess who's going to look incredibly bad again ?? Stern and the NBA. As we know, that's not how Stern wants to be remembered on his way out. Rejecting the Hansen offer in favor of the Sac bid would not only piss off a coveted Hansen ownership group, but also could open up all sorts of legal action. When I look at the situation in this light, I'm inclined to believe there will not be a competitive Sac offer. It would really piss off Stern/NBA that KJ put them in this awkward and very public nasty position. Expansion would be the only other alternative for the NBA to save face. Thoughts ?

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